dbForge Studio for Oracle

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a powerful Oracle database development environment that provides you versatile data editing tools for managing in-database and external data. It allows you to synchronize data between different Oracle servers and automate schema change management process during development.


dbForge Studio for Oracle



  1. When I first launch dbForge studio to run a quick query, I always get stuck waiting on it to retrieve metadata. I usually bail out and go launch Oracle Sql Developer and cntl-alt-delete dbForge rather than wait for it. Can this be moved to background thread where it doesn't block my query from executing. I realize intellisense, etc. may not work until it completes, but I'm okay with that. I like the product, but this one feature will prevent me from purchasing this tool in the future.

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    To avoid this, you can turn off the automatic completion list:

    1. Select ‘Tools → Options…’ from the main menu. The ‘Options’ window opens.
    2. Navigate to the ‘Text Editor → Code Completion → General’ branch.
    3. Unselect the ‘Auto List Members’ option.
    4. Click ‘OK’.

    You still can manually invoke the completion list with CTRL+SPACE.

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